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Each State and Territory in the United States establishes its own laws and regulatory standards for professional practice.  Louisiana requires you to be license in Louisiana to practice mental health counseling / psychotherapy including Teletherapy / Telehealth services.   


At issue is where you and the client are when services are delivered.    Check with the respective State licensing body where you are and where the client is before delivering services, regardless of whether you/client are residents of Louisiana or not.


Louisiana LPC Board of Examiners Suspends Teletherapy Regulations


The LA LPC Board of Examiners has suspended regulations concerning Teletherapy during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Nonetheless, many clinicians continue to seek training opportunities for Teletherapy.   


In response to the numerous calls we have received, here is synopsis of the LA LPC Board Teletherapy Regulations regarding training.


While Teletherapy is a specialty area and requires Board approval, the LA LPC Board of Examiners does not require a Certification in Teletherapy.


Licensees who may provide teletherapy must meet the following requirements.

1. The licensee must be licensed in Louisiana. 

2. The licensee must be licensed in the state where the client is located if licensing is required.

3. The licensee must have been practicing for at least one year. 

4. The licensee must complete either option below. 

  • Graduate-Level Academic Training. At least one graduate-level academic course in Telemental Health Counseling. The course must have included at least 45 clock hours (equivalent to a three (3) credit hour semester course). 

  • Professional Training with a minimum of nine (9CEH) synchronous (live in real-time) clock hours in Teletherapy.



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