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The DAWN Program

The DAWN Program is a psychosocial skills program that incorporates various therapeutic methods and practices to assist individuals with behavioral, emotional, and psychological problems that affect their ability to interact in a socially appropriate manner.

The DAWN Program utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and techniques that have proven to be effective for a range of problems including anger management, alcohol and drug use, domestic abuse, and numerous behavioral, emotional and mental disorders. Various research studies denote that CBT leads to significant improvement in functioning and quality of life. 

​CBT techniques are designed to assist individuals in understanding and evaluating their current ways of thinking and behaving; and equipping them with tools to change maladaptive cognitive, behavioral, and emotional patterns. 

Individualized treatment plans are designed to address each client's unique situation and needs, to include a diagnostic assessment that establishes and documents:

  • Treatment goals and objectives 

  • Specific strategies and methods for treating needs 

  • Schedule for accomplishing the goals and objectives

  • Responsibility for providing each treatment component

  • Mental health status, progress, and changes in functioning

Drug screening and testing are available to assist in determining drug use, misuse, and abuse.

Cost is contingent upon the specific services and applicable hours:

  • DAWN Course & 1 Counseling Session (4 hours): $100

  • Counseling / Psychotherapy: $75 per Session

  • Group Session: $50.00 per Session

  • Mental Health Evaluation: $350

  • Drug Screening: $150

  • Drug Testing: $150


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