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Eclectic offers a variety of therapy modalities to ensure that each client is provided with a standard of treatment that best suites their specific needs.


Because each client is unique, their responds to treatment may be uniquely different. Thus, we are prepared to provide a range of treatment modalities or methods that are designed to help each client unearth thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are self-destructive, disrupt relationships, or daily functions.


We are solution-focused and goal-directed in addressing conditions that disrupt an individual's thinking, feeling, mood, relationships, daily functioning, and diminish ones’ capacity for coping with the challenging demands of life.


We help clients to open essential conscious and unconscious pathways to:


  • think critically (analyzing and challenging thoughts, emotions, perceptions, experiences, beliefs, and values);


  • recognize cognitive and behavior connections;


  • manage emotions and behavior;


  • clarify beliefs, values, and standards;


  • determine the significance of an event or issue;


  • consider consequences before acting; and


  • explore efficient ways of responding, behaving, and coping.


Our services include: Diagnostic Assessment, Counseling/Psychotherapy, Case Management, Consultation, and Development and Training.

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