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Case Management provides assistance to individuals dealing with the consequences of a crisis and traumatic situation, chronic illness, or a physical, cognitive, behavioral, or emotional disability.


Our primary focus is to help individuals achieve their personal, career and independent living goals through the counseling process which include psychosocial adaptation services and coping skills.


Case Management refers to the active process of managing all the resources needed by an individual to reach their maximum level of potential by identifying their strengths, goals, and needs; planning to forecast and organize the activities, services and community resources required to achieve desired goals; referring and linking the individual to services and resources; and and monitoring services and resources to assure that the individual is receives the aide needed to accomplish the their goal, and to address the individual needs.

Case Management Specializations:


  • Behavioral/Mental Health

  • Educational/Academic

  • Physical/Medical Health

  • Vocational Rehabilitation

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